Manifesting Dopeness



We’re all about positivity.

that’s it.


Hi, I’m Xanthia. I’m Professionally trained as a psychotherapist and play therapist & I’m an expressive artist. My professional roots are in the nation’s capital, washington, DC. or to many, otherwise known as CHocolate CIty.

IN 2009, I founded Urban Playology, llc, a boutique private practice in Dupont Circle. we provide expressive arts therapy and transformative psychotherapy to outliers, unique families, and LGBTQIA FolK.  We heal hearts and help hearts that are in need of hope all over the world. 

the reality is that everyone can’t come to therapy.

To be honest, Therapy not for everyone. We found ourselves really wanting to curate something hella special that everyone could plug into. We’ve seen the declaration to manifest dopeness and needed to offer an active invitation where people are simply & lovingly encouraged.

Manifesting Dopeness is our sociAl Impact Campaign.

This is our effort to invite our clients, followers, and supporters to join us in a movement to release the negative narratives about ourselves that keep us from experiencing radical happiness.

YOu are invited to be Your best self.

it’s a state of mind. a state of being. it’s a renaissance unearthing.

an act of libEration.

Invest in a t-shirt for yourself or someone you really vibe with.

when you wear it,

i invite you to be yourself, YOUR full self in it.

manifesting dopeness all tha way.